Who Are We?

We are a Real Estate investment company. We are based in the DFW Metroplex, and we buy all over the great state of Texas. Our goal make the process of selling your property stress-free and easy.

What We Look For:

  • Single Family Residence

  • Multi-Family Residence (2-10 Units)

  • Mobile Homes

  • Residential Vacant Land

Why Choose Us?

Sometimes, listing your property on the MLS is not always the best option. We understand that not every property is 'market ready,' and that there are situations where selling on the market is simply not an option.

Maybe you're a tired landlord who wants to sell but you have tenants. Maybe you're facing foreclosure and time is of the essence. Maybe your property is in distress and wouldn't pass inspection. Maybe you're having difficulty selling on the market.

Whatever the situation, we've encountered it and successfully helped homeowners get what they need. If you want to:

  • Avoid Realtor Commissions

  • Avoid Multiple Showings

  • Avoid Inspections

  • Avoid Repairs or Cleaning

... then you've come to the right place.

Our Offer Process

Step 1

Once you fill out the form, we will review the information and contact you to set up an appointment. During the appointment, we will discuss the details of your situation.

Step 2

We will make you 1 of 2 offers, depending on your particular situation:

  1. Cash Offer: this will be an offer to buy the property for all cash and no out-of-pocket costs to you.

  2. Creative Terms: if a cash offer is not what you're looking for, we can offer other strategies in order to get you what you need.

Step 3

If you decide to move forward with us, we will send you the appropriate paperwork for your review and signature.

Step 4

Once the paperwork is signed, a licensed Texas title company will co-ordinate the sale and after a few days, your property will officially be sold. Congratulations!

We Buy Houses For Cash!

We are the best homebuyers in the (City name). We are building up our inventory of houses fast, so we are literally buying houses for cash at a fast speed! If you have a house to sell, we are buying it, now! And we give you the best possible cash offer for your house. We close deals fast and on your desired timeline. We buy every house in any condition if a seller needs to sell. So, if you need to sell your house fast for cash, contact us today for a no-risk, no-obligation offer on your home.

We Are Experienced

Home Buyers

We have many years of experience helping homeowners in your city to sell their houses effectively at the best price. We are aware of market values, demands, and profits, and keeping all this in mind, we try to help our homeowners to sell their house in a way that they get all the profit and perks. Having years of experience in this field, we are known for our best cash offer and simple selling process.

Get Best Cash Offer For Your House

We can give you lots of advantages, from which you will surely benefit.

We Are Trusted in Community

With several years of experience in this field, we are proud to say that our customers can trust us. We follow the “customer service first” approach and make sure that our customers are happy and satisfied with our services. To make this really possible, we first ask you for your needs and requirements and then accordingly we plan the deal. The entire process is very simple and transparent so that you don’t feel any hassle.

Our Principles

Client First Approach

For us, our clients’ needs come first so we always give them a transparent and truthful offer. We communicate with you and all deal terms are clearly presented so that they don’t look like Greek!


We earn the trust of our clients and are committed to our promises and deals.


We are here to help homeowners to sell their house easily and quickly, while also getting the best offer.

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CALL US: (214) 444-3373

EMAIL US: info@goldmarkequityllc.com